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First of all, on behalf of the QASCO company send best wishes to you and your family.

If you are a business person in the field of motorcycle parts, you probably know that the price of motorcycle parts in Vietnam is always very competitive and the quality of the parts is very good. It’s easy to understand that when Vietnam is the 4th most motorbike-using country in the world. Motorcycles are the main means of transportation for Vietnamese people because of their convenience, the roads in Vietnam are not too large, so traveling by motorbike is very flexible.

Major motorcycle companies in the world all have factories in Vietnam, for example, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, SYM, Piaggio,… Motorcycle manufacturers are always expensive because of the usefulness of motorcycles. Motorcycles are very big for Vietnamese people. It can be said that the motorbike market in Vietnam is very large and potential.

Next, the importance of the auto parts sector cannot be ignored. The motorbike is used by Vietnamese people often, used to go to work, go out, carry goods,… Use the maximum capacity, so the spare parts must be really good. It is a vital element of any company, when Vietnamese people buy a motorbike, they not only care if the car is good but also care about: Is it cheap to replace spare parts in the future? Are the replacement parts as good as the original?

Since then, QASCO has affirmed that in Vietnam, motorcycle parts are priced very reasonably and the quality is also very good. There is an idiom that Vietnamese people often say that is “Ngon – Bổ – Rẻ” / “Delicious – Good – Cheap”.

It’s shopping culture, it’s interesting, isn’t it?

QUANG ANH SPARE PARTS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (QASCO Co., Ltd) was established on September 9, 2016 in Phuc Yen city – Vinh Phuc province. Located right next to Honda Vietnam company, 15km from Yamaha Vietnam company and 10km from Piaggio Vietnam company. We can supply a large volume of motorcycle parts at a good price because we can limit transportation costs and take the initiative in importing goods.

We build a system that sells 100% genuine spare parts, no exceptions are allowed. We value our reputation and value our customers. You can rest assured when buying at QASCO, we always do our best to complete the order as quickly and accurately as possible.

Up to now we have 3 warehouses with a total area of more than 1000cm2 at 124 and 128 and 142 Tran Phu street, Phuc Thang ward, Phuc Yen city, Vinh Phuc province. We may be far apart, but you can completely count on our ability. Classification of goods, inspection of goods, packaging of goods are all made according to the most strict standards.

More than 50 containers of goods have been sold by us to many countries in 2020 and 2021, as soon as you need us we will have a staff member to advise you in English, we will assist you from searching motorcycle spare parts search, quotation, shipping fee calculation, estimated time of receipt of goods, payment, import and export procedures. All are legal and signed directly with our company are: QUANG ANH SPARE PARTS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (QASCO Co., Ltd).

Our website always updates the latest spare parts from motorcycle manufacturers, the latest models at this time such as: Honda PCX 160 (K1Z-K1Y), Honda WINNER X 2022 (K2P), Honda SH350i (K1W), Honda VISION 110 2021-2022 (K2C),… All genuine parts we can supply for you.

To save your shipping costs the most, you need to order a minimum of 1 20ft container of spare parts. If you order too little, we are forced to send it via international delivery and the shipping cost will be very high. However, please contact the exchange because if your address is close to our partner’s address in your country, we may ask them to combine goods to save costs for both parties. Trust that we want you to pay as little shipping as possible.

What about how to buy? It’s really simple, we have great partners and support you with everything you need, if you don’t have the right carrier we can also refer you to our 6 year partner . Everything is so simple, isn’t it? We can sell to all countries in the world.

About our workflow:

  1. All goods after arriving at our warehouse, I was checked by scanning the barcode and compared with the Packing List from the supplier.
  2. We check the quality of the goods inside the package and minimize the volume of the package if required by the partner.
  3. List the goods contained in each package and stamp the number of packages. Then we will send the soft file to our partner. When receiving goods, partners can completely know how many spare parts are in each package and which spare parts are. This is the most important step, from which the list of goods declared for export is made.
  4. Rent containers and trucks. We arrange the goods to avoid the goods being pushed during transportation. Finally, we will close the shipping container and seal it with a lead clip. The minutes of delivery of goods will be witnessed by: Warehouse department, representative of the transport unit and the driver.
  5. All pictures and documents will be provided if you request, the rest, our shipping partner will contact you and when receiving the goods will have a shipping agent in your country contact and instructions on how to receive goods.

About us: Quang Anh Spare Parts Co., Ltd (QASCO)

124 Tran Phu street – Phuc Yen city – Vinh Phuc province (900 meters from The Honda Motor Vietnam Company, Ltd)

Viber : +84917041987 (Mr. Anh)

WhatsApp : +84917041987 (Mr. Anh)

WhatsApp : +840379112113 (Ms Thao)

Kakaotalk : +84917041987 (Mr. Anh)

Email :

Here are some pictures of our export activities:

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