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Supports volume calculation

Based on your order, we will calculate the total volume of your orders so that you can choose a reasonable shipping plan.

You can know which container to place is suitable. Avoid waste.

Accurate counting of every detail

We count the goods absolutely accurately before they are sealed and sent to customers


Welcome partners! We are QUANG ANH SPARE PARTS COMPANY LIMITED LIABILITY – QASCO CO., LTD is a company specializing in supplying genuine Honda spare parts in Vietnam.


You are looking for a partner in Vietnam who can provide Honda genuine spare parts? You are afraid of purchasing low-quality products floating in the market? You are afraid to buy fake-branded-stamps products?

QASCO – Quang Anh spare parts limited liability company is proud to be a reliable destination for those who are in need of purchasing and trading genuine motorcycle parts.

With a professional goods management system giving accurate inventory as well as intuitive images, we bring our customers the best products at the right list prices. Our facilities include 01 working office and 02 independent warehouses, which are ready to supply both wholesale and retail needs.


Genuine spare parts, from the smallest bolts to engine covers and chassis, can be ordered at QASCO.

100% of products are sold by part codes, we post a list of goods including pictures so that customers can look up and buy themselves the most accurate parts.

Currently, QASCO is a trusted shopping destination for many foreign customers such as who from Brazil, Indonesia, Maldives, Sri-Lanka, Hong Kong, Korea, etc. (through Paypal), which confirms that Honda Vietnam’s spare parts are outstanding. We provide high-quality spare parts at much more reasonable prices than many other countries.

Export goods to Sri-Lanka

In addition, we also support customers to look up part codes when ordering. For more information, please visit our website

  • For any information, please contact HOTLINE: 0967.994.389 – 0911.432.266
  • Office address: 124 Tran Phu – Phuc Thang – Phuc Yen – Vinh Phuc (900 meters from The Honda Motor Vietnam Company, Ltd.)
  • We are pleased to serve our customers and partners.


We sell to many big partners in many countries, We can supply spare parts for mainstream vehicles such as: PCX K96, PCX K97, PCX K35, PCX KWN, PCX K1Z.

We also have a comprehensive shipping partner that can deliver to all countries within 15-30 days. All export paperwork we are willing to provide. You can pay through our partner shipping company. Price we will need to discuss further.

Please note: We will need to have a large enough order, at least to fill 1 container 20pt. We also only supply goods to customers who are committed to generating regular orders. Based on the order you place, we can calculate the total volume and weight of the entire order and provide a quick shipping quote.

Export goods to Maldives

We can clearly understand that exporting spare parts is difficult because it takes companies with sufficient capacity and financial transparency to be able to provide relevant documents. Our current partners are reliable partners, their orders arise once a month with a very large output. We welcome you, we can show you our model of operation if you have the opportunity to visit Vietnam.

Sealing lead clamp you will receive a code to monitor

  1. | Because the number of parts in stock fluctuates continuously, our order is consistent with you exactly at the time of receiving deposit and listing DO.
  2. | Payment principle: Minimum deposit of 50% of order value. No exception.Transfer money from a company in Vietnam to us.

    Transfer money from a company in Vietnam to us. We do not accept direct foreign cash. So if you are not based in Vietnam then you can contact your logistics company to assist with this matter.

  3. | Delivery schedule: From the moment you place your order (deposit payment), in 5-12 days, the spare parts will be available at our warehouse (depending on the time and volume of the order)
  4. | Form of transportation :
    a. You choose a logistics company you trust, we will conduct VND transactions with that company and deliver spare parts to that company.
    b. We can help you contact the logistics company and work with you.
  5. | Procedures consignee : After the goods arrive, we will ask you to pay the balance, we will place your order with the factory. When a spare part arrives, we will notify you and take a video, take a photo if you request it, and we will also inform you about the quantity of spare parts (if any) due to the time of closing the order with you until factory inventory has changed. You can either wait for the spare part to arrive for a later order or remove it from the order list.
  6. | Handing over spare parts to logistics company and VAT invoice issue.

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