How to buy genuine Honda motorcycle parts in Vietnam?

12 Tháng Tư, 2022 By do quang 0

Genuine Honda motorcycle parts in Vietnam have a very cheap price, but to buy it is not easy because there are many places on the market that mix real and fake goods. First, to buy Genuine Honda motorcycle parts in Vietnam, you need to find a place that only sells genuine parts. After that, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the place can export spare parts or not.

Again, the price of Genuine Honda motorcycle parts in Vietnam is very cheap, we receive purchase requests from many major partners in the world. Including customers who own the world’s largest spare parts e-commerce platform. Because the export of spare parts is very complicated due to the large number of parts ordered and the number of products declared, it usually takes us 15-25 days to process orders with a volume of about 70cm3

Please note, for the cheapest shipping you need to plan to order a minimum of 1 20ft container. Because if shipping by courier service, the shipping cost will be very expensive. There are many cases where the shipping fee is greater than the amount you ordered.

To calculate shipping costs for the first order, we will assist in selling an estimated shipping quote based on the expected volume of the order. Don’t worry, just let us know about your order plan, we have a pack size chart for each part, from which we will calculate the standard volume of your order.

Is it difficult to buy motorcycle parts in Vietnam?

We would like to answer that it is very easy, QASCO was established in 2016, so far we have long experience in the field of import and export of motorcycle parts. Most importantly, we are not only an exporter and transporter, but also a leading major spare parts distributor in Vietnam with a team of knowledgeable professionals.

We can supply all motorcycle spare parts for the models present in Vietnam such as PCX, VISION – DIO, WINNER – RS, AIR BLADE, SH,… Honda Vietnam scooters are quite popular. variable in the European market and they all use the same spare parts.

Our partners are present in many countries such as Srilanka, Turkey, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines. We can sell to any country with reasonable shipping costs, reliable form of payment.

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