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You need to buy Honda PCX motorcycle parts in Vietnam? Plastic parts for Honda PCX 125 / 150 models K96 / K97 / K35, all available at QASCO!

Dear all the friends in the world!

Maybe you are interesting in motorcycle spare part in Viet Nam but don’t know how to import goods. QASCO will solve the problems for you and your business on your behalf.

We can prodive goods, introduce our delivery partner services, convenient payment.

Currently we have many partners in many countries, so we have a lot of experience in supplying large volumes of spare parts. We guarantee exact quantity, good price and genuine product.

About our workflow:

  1. All goods after arriving at our warehouse, I was checked by scanning the barcode and compared with the Packing List from the supplier.
  2. We check the quality of the goods inside the package and minimize the volume of the package if required by the partner.
  3. List the goods contained in each package and stamp the number of packages. Then we will send the soft file to our partner. When receiving goods, partners can completely know how many spare parts are in each package and which spare parts are. This is the most important step, from which the list of goods declared for export is made.
  4. Rent containers and trucks. We arrange the goods to avoid the goods being pushed during transportation. Finally, we will close the shipping container and seal it with a lead clip. The minutes of delivery of goods will be witnessed by: Warehouse department, representative of the transport unit and the driver.
  5. All pictures and documents will be provided if you request, the rest, our shipping partner will contact you and when receiving the goods will have a shipping agent in your country contact and instructions on how to receive goods.

Payment Process:

  1. You will need to deposit a minimum of 50% of the value of the order (TTR – Telegraphic Transfer Reimbursement / LC)
  2. After the goods arrive, we will count and list the items (shortage due to large fluctuations in inventory) and send you a list of payment for the rest.

About us:

Quang Anh Spare Parts Co., Ltd (QASCO)

124 Tran Phu street – Phuc Yen city – Vinh Phuc province (900 meters from The Honda Motor Vietnam Company, Ltd)

 Viber : +84917041987

 WhatsApp : +84983888624

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